Backyard dwellers marching in Knysna on Friday

A Knysna backyard dwellers march will take place on August 30, starting at 7:30am at Lamco in Hornlee before proceeding via the N2 to the Provincial Hospital where a memorandum will be handed over to the medical superintendent.
Marchers will then proceed to Knysna Police station where a memorandum will be handed to the station commander. From there the march will veer down Long Street and Queen Street and stop at the municipal offices, where a memorandum will be given to the mayor and municipal manager.
Backyard dwellers from Sedgefield, White Location and Rheenendal will also participate in the march. The following are a synopsis of the issues:
Poor service at the hospital and clinics
Discrimination when it comes to town and township areas.
The impunity with which drug lords operate and the fact that nothing happens to them.
Knysna Municipality
No houses were built in Hornlee for the last 20 years.
Every yard has backyard dwellers and no houses are built for them.
Land that was taken by apartheid must be given back to the people.
All three institutions will be given 14 days to respond in writing and to come and report back at a public meeting to be held on September 20 at Hornlee Civic Centre.
It’s important to note that it is a legal and peaceful march. Similar marches are taking place all over the Southern and Western Cape.
“One family, one plot. United we stand, divided we fall,” according to organisers Hornlee United. Email for additional information.