Back to his alma mater: meet Plett Secondary School’s youngest member of staff

FASEEGH Everson, 23, from New Horizons is not only the youngest staff member at the moment, but the very first Plett Sec learner to return to work at his old alma mater.
Born in Athlone, Faseegh’s family moved to Plett when he was a young boy. He completed his schooling years in Plett and clearly remembers some of his favourite teachers, who are now his fellow staff members.
“Mrs Sarah Hendricks was the cornerstone of my high school years, and miss Shirley Joseph made a lasting impression on my life when writing me the most beautiful good luck-card before I tackled my final matric exams at Plett Secondary in 2012,” he says.
Always a go-getter, Faseegh is a persistent and motivated person. When still a student, he asked if he could get the opportunity to speak and motivate fellow learners at prize-giving evenings. His request was granted, so he fulfilled this role from Grade 10 through to 12.
He always regarded school as a safe haven where he could arm himself with something nobody would ever be able to take away from him, namely education, and this is the message he wishes to share with the youth.
Having introduced Google Classroom to Fish Hoek High in Cape Town where he did his practice teaching, he is currently fighting for the incorporation of computer science as a subject and specifically Google Classroom into the Plett Sec school curriculum.
He believes that because children are so technologically advanced, they enjoy his approach, and identify with him easily.
“The children in introduced to Google Classroom never even knew that something like that existed. They were very impressed, because they would send their assignments online, I would mark it online - all without printing a single page.
“I am excited about the new technological developments in education and am honoured to be a crucial part thereof,” he says.